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Concept- thoughts of the idea owner

As being a successful but overwhelmed entrepreneur I caught every opportunity to reload my empty energy sources. I have travelled and seeked, both abroad and in Hungary, the perfect place.

I have visited exlcusive places, I have stayed in 5 star hotels, I’ ve been spoiled by many special treatments and special services, but I always found only a part of what I had been looking for. I didn’t have any other choice than to start and create it by myself.

The miracle serum of recharging is : to do the opposite of what you are weary of.

Instead of the civilization, offices, cars… the pure, unspoilt nature.

Instead of sitting in the car or in the office chair? Doing excercise, and going for a walk …

Instead of tiring people,collegues,clients.. crowds? A company choosen by me or privacy in the nature…

Instead of expectations,responsibility… freedom , respiration.


I have never found these anywhere, because I always had to share place with others even at the most exclusive places, in the lifts, by the breakfast table, on the coffee shop terrace.
A man can stay on his own or with his darling, with his friends only in his own place, in his own yard, in his own garden…


My offer for you is exactly this: have your own estate!

7 acres beautiful, wild  Natura2000 reservation, included a 2.5 acres picturesque lake and a  4 bedroom log house.

All of these are made on a high standard level, you can find a fire place a Tuscan style kitchen, sauna house, just like as it would have been made for myself, because Yes! I made it for myself. And this is all yours now!And all those who you will invite there. Since I have been away abroad for long stays, I decided to open it for the exacting public as well; and also because I would have liked to have something similar for myself years ago.

So, having a place where you can have breakfast while wearing only your underpants, whereyou don’t have to get cute with anybody, giving autographs/ selfies or just simply to connive at others and the speculative way they look at you. There is only an unperturbed atmosphere, the silent, the lake, the estate are all yours, just like the forest, in case you still would like tohave some ebullience then it’s enough to press a button and a hand –picked catalogue’s unique services will fly you out of the silence to a fine-dining restaurant or to the board of a sailing yacht.

It’s up to you to press the button or not.

In case you recognize yourself, your own feelings, your own desires while you are readingthese words, the Wild&Free Private Lake is that what you have been looking for.

We recommend for:

  • 1 person: seeking for inspiration, need a recharge, longing for solitude
  • 2 people: desiring intimacy and exclude the outside world
  • a family of 3-6 or 2-3 couples: indoor or outdoor cooking facilities, great time to spend together
  • for 3-6 managers, perfect place for a management meeting, team building or brainstorming
  • shooting set ( television show, music video clip)
  • as a gift to offer fun and unforgettable moments to your beloved ones


Winter video of the estate


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Wild & Free - luxury in the wilderness
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