Estate and the Lake

Close the door of the urban world behind you!

According to the legend, before the owner decided to buy a private lake, he asked one of his friends, if it was true that his friend had personal knowledge of 50 different private lakes for sale in Hungary.

True. He answered.
Then would you show me the 3 most beautiful ones? It would save a lot of time for me…
Of course.

From the three estates recommended, this beautiful gem stood out as the most spectacular, and made its way into the owner’s hands.



  • The location is ideal, just over an hour on the highway from Budapest, as convenient as travelling to Lake Balaton.
  • It is located within 1Km of a quaint village. An asphalt road leads you to the log house, no necessity for 4WD vehicle.
  • A shady, peaceful path leads you to the estate, like a birth canal, as you are leaving the busy world and closing the ‘gate’ behind you.
  • Welcome to a rural sanctuary, surrounded by forest, field, hill, island, and wild animals… No compromise, here you have a perfect rural setting. This is not a cubic shaped artificially constructed lake, but a natural one surrounded by an abundance of dried out  black walnut forest, island, reed, over-arching branches of willow and hazel, an adventure awaiting to be explored. A real wilderness heaven, where you can feel wild… and free.

Up until now there was no accommodation available at the lake, only fishing opportunities.



This is how private guests, family members described the estate so far:

  • Inspiring
  • Unique, magical… There is no other place, where I can sleep this well. 
  • A place of healing


Estate is 7.5 hectare | Natura2000 nature reserve

Lake: 2.5 hectare, wild romantic, surrounded with forest, having a lake in the middle



 Winter video of the estate

Look at the loghouse and bedrooms
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